27 Jan 2016

Haruki Murakami - Vyrai be moterų

Haruki Murakami nesigėdydama galiu vadinti savo paauglystės laikų dievuku. Skaičiau visas jo knygas, kai kurias - po kelis kartus. Būtent šis autorius tapo raktu į platesnį japonų literatūros pažinimą. Žinoma, nereikia būti filologe, kad matytum, jog šis autorius - mainstream'inis. Tačiau pats faktas, jog jis atsiduria pretendentų į Nobelio premiją už literatūrą sąrašuose yra kai ką sakantis.  

25 Jan 2016

Camel Caramel

Winter is a complicated season: it seems that you have prepared for it, but sooner or later you find out that it's not quite true. I have already bragged about my saviour from turning into icicle, but this morning when I woke up it was only (!!!) -2 °C outside, so I put on my new coat, because, hey, it's almost springtime by Lithuanian standarts!

Coat - PROMOD/ Skirt - PROMOD/ Scarf - RESERVED/ Hat - H&M/
Leggings - SH SHOP/ Shoes - BATŲ KALNAS/ Backpack - DAVID JONES

24 Jan 2016

Slipknot European Tour: Vilnius 2016-01-23

As a teenager you can experience lots of things, especially if you want to be a little bit different. By saying different, I mean belonging to the underground culture, listening to metal bands and dressing pretty much only in black. Now imagine this happening in a small village in Eastern European country and you can easily predict what kind of reaction you can expect from the locals. I am not theorizing this, I experienced it all myself. And the only bastion where I could hide from the society was music - from all sorts of punk rock to death metal. So you can imagine what it means to see your idols performing on stage live. That happened to me, yesterday, in "Slipknot" concert. 

20 Jan 2016

Three Products from The Body Shop: A Review

January is now known as the sales month (a consultant in one shop even told me that I'm so lucky to be born on sale's month. Yup, my parents planned me just because of that) and why not to dive into the shops to see what kind of goodies you can buy at least for half-price. One of my must-visit spots during the sale is "The Body Shop". I really like their products, but my dear god, they are so pricey here in LT! When I was in Scotland, I ravaged one of TBS's there, because everything was a lot cheaper! So, when sale comes, it's the right time to hit this store. 


19 Jan 2016

Bring it On, Cold!

How to know when you are a grown-up person? When you value your comfort and health more than how do you look. Especially, when it's cold outside. 

Coat - ZARA/ Sweater - VERO MODA/ Shirt - NEW YORKER/
Jeans - MARKS & SPENCER/ Shoes - BATŲ KALNAS/ Hat - H&M

18 Jan 2016

Back to the 2015: Summer Moments

I don't want to sound like a hipster, but I do like film photography. It just reminds me of my childhood so much: my dad was usually carrying around his "Zenit TTL" camera and taking photos of me and my sister. So I was more than happy when he told me that one day he will give this camera to me. 

17 Jan 2016

From Palace to Palace: Sunday Stroll With "Gatvės gyvos"

I have been living in Antakalnis for almost four years and still there are some places that remained a mistery to me. Although I pass some historical buildings every day (I work and study in Antakalnis too), I knew that someday, somehow and somewhere I will come to know more about them, without the help from almighty "Google". So today was the day! I joined a tour guided by Albertas from "Gatvės gyvos" (Eng. "Streets Alive") and tried to (re)discover the space that, I thought, I'm most familiar with. I would like to share with you some moments from the tour, dedicated to one of the most prestige districts in Vilnius. 

16 Jan 2016

The Stories Of Vilnius Catacombs (And Basements)

There are two ways how I like to spend my weekends: the first scenario involves staying at home, eating homemade food and watching telly, the other one is all about going out to see something new. This weekend is quite active one, because it's both days are filled up with tours around (and under) the Vilnius city. 

15 Jan 2016

My Workspace

For two years I worked in a project and spent great deal of time in our flat, sometimes not setting my foot outside for 24 and more hours. During this time I started forming my workspace, searching for the most optimal solution in our quite small flat. 

13 Jan 2016

Little Changes

Hi there!

First of all - welcome to my new blog! I am Asta, an author of two blogs - Yellow Paprika and Fancy Reader. If we haven't met before - let me shake your hand because it's realy nice to meet you!