3 Feb 2018

Rome's Diary: Trajan's Market and Forum (Day 1)

Visiting Italy or Rome, to be more precise, was an old dream of mine. One morning, when Vilnius was covered in snow and preparing for a week of low temperatures, me and my husband stepped off the plane in Fiumicino Airport, prepared to enjoy our stay in Italy as much as possible. 

When we arrived in Rome, there was still some time utill check in at our AirBnB, so we decided to wander around a bit. Since the apartment was just one minute away from Colosseum, we went to the area known as Trajan's Market and Forum, where the famous column stands. 

I wouldn't get into the historical details of this particular area (here's a Wikipedia article on that) but describe my impressions instead. And I was overwhelmed by the density of ruins, of various archaeological sites that were crammed into this little patch of land! There were so many things that I have read about in historical books, it was hard to believe that I got see them with my own eyes! I was walking around trying to imagine how this whole area looked like during the time of Roman Empire. I was so glad that we decided to come during one of the least touristy months in Rome, because we not only got to move around freely, but also see many things without standing in a queue. 

Since we were walking around near Altare della Patria or  Il Vittoriano, curiosity won and we decided to climb some stairs to see what kind of building it is. Looking all eclectic and grand, Il Vittoriano is a building of questionable necessity, an incredible contrast between Roman ruins and the rest of the city.

Stay tuned for more!

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