14 Jun 2018

Blogger's Day is Here!

First of all - happy International Blogger's Day to all my virtual colleagues out there! It's so nice to see how Lithuanian blogger community is growing! This time I want to answer to one question that I've heard so many times up till this day - "How do you find time to write a blog?"

4 Jun 2018

Father's Day 2018

Who was your first hero? I kinda guess that it might have been your dad! This weekend Lithuania celebrated Father's Day and I was happy to meet my dad in Vilnius once again!

1 Jun 2018

Smells Like Summer

Ah, summer!.. Sun, bare legs, and heart filled with wanderlust! Yesterday I found myself sitting in our garden, wrapped in a scent of blooming peonies and jasmines, and thinking about what I would like to do this summer (BESIDES writing my PhD thesis, of course). The more I've pondered upon that, the more I noticed how I like this mix of blossoms that surround me, their wonderful aroma, and how it would be wonderful to own perfume that would capture this magical evening. And today I found the answer.