14 Aug 2018

Garrard Conley -- Boy Erased

Būna knygų, kurias skaitant išsitrina riba tarp realybės ir fikcijos, ir nors supranti, kad tai, kas jose vyksta yra rašytojo fantazijos produktas, viskas atrodo neįtikėtinai tikra. Tačiau būna ir tokių, kuriose pasakojimais dalykais tiesiog negali patikėti, nors tai -- memuarai. Būtent tokia ir yra Gerrardo Conley'o knyga "Boy Erased" (Ištrintas berniukas), pasakojanti vieno jaunuolio istoriją. 

12 Aug 2018

Workation: Yes or No?

Summer vacation is an essential part of the warm season, at least that's what I think. Of course, you can escape winter's cold and autumn's gloominess in an exotic, warm country, but it's much more fun to be in sync with everybody else and enjoy what summer has to offer. This year I am spending my summer working on my PhD thesis, and with the deadline drawing near, I have no time to spare for a (much needed) rest and relax. Nevertheless, last week I managed to go to the seaside and tried to balance my work with relax (thus the term workation -- work + vacation). And this is the story of how it went. 

29 Jul 2018

Empties Pt. 1

When empty bottles and other containers started to take more space in the shelves of my bathroom than those with some sort of substance still in them, I begun to wonder is it about time for me to clean up and to do my first blogpost on empties.

15 Jul 2018

Before the Storm

What an incredibly hot summer we're having this year! Rain is quite a rare guest during these past three months, but when it comes, it comes with a thunder and majestic clouds! And who could have thought, that taking photos of the brewing storm could be so exciting?

6 Jul 2018

Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė 2018

I can hardly imagine my summer without going to the Days of Live Archaeology in Kernavė. Although the program is pretty similar every year, I like this event because of its bustling and buzzing atmosphere both in the town's fair and in the archaeological village.

25 Jun 2018

St. Johns Day, or From Dusk Till Dawn

St. John's Day (or Rasos, Kupolė) is one of the most important celebrations in Lithuania and neighboring Latvia. Summer Solstice is celebrated everywhere: from grand public events to private parties, everybody puts on a wreath of flowers or oak leaves (especially if you are Jonas (John) or Janina (Jane)) and marks this special day, this peak of summer.

14 Jun 2018

Blogger's Day is Here!

First of all - happy International Blogger's Day to all my virtual colleagues out there! It's so nice to see how Lithuanian blogger community is growing! This time I want to answer to one question that I've heard so many times up till this day - "How do you find time to write a blog?"

4 Jun 2018

Father's Day 2018

Who was your first hero? I kinda guess that it might have been your dad! This weekend Lithuania celebrated Father's Day and I was happy to meet my dad in Vilnius once again!

1 Jun 2018

Smells Like Summer

Ah, summer!.. Sun, bare legs, and heart filled with wanderlust! Yesterday I found myself sitting in our garden, wrapped in a scent of blooming peonies and jasmines, and thinking about what I would like to do this summer (BESIDES writing my PhD thesis, of course). The more I've pondered upon that, the more I noticed how I like this mix of blossoms that surround me, their wonderful aroma, and how it would be wonderful to own perfume that would capture this magical evening. And today I found the answer.

30 May 2018

Last Days of Spring

May is almost over, and summer is already in Lithuania. So it's time to look back and see what the last month of spring had brought to me.

22 May 2018

Estonia Once Again

You probably already know that Estonia or, to be more precise, city of Tartu, is one of my favorite destinations. This spring was no exception and I've spent last week living and studying in this amazing place.

12 May 2018

Close Horizons

Exploring your close surroundings can be so much fun! This weekend I finally got to visit one of the greatest hill-forts around Vilnius!

6 May 2018

Weekend Runaway: Kernavė

Escaping city during weekends is now a thing that I'm really looking forward to while going on with my daily duties. This Saturday my husband and I went to one of our favorite places in Lithuania - Kernavė. 

30 Apr 2018

Bye-bye April!

Well this April was one tough month! Full of various events, intense studying, and trying to have some quiet time for myself (not happening, apparently), these past 30 days were like a crazy roller coaster!

22 Apr 2018

花見. 2018 Edition

Spring has finally arrived and there is no better way celebrating it than taking an example from Japanese people and admiring blooming sakura trees. Chiune Sugihara Sakura Park  is the "it" spot in Vilnius when these trees start to blossom and for many years now I try not to miss it! 

15 Apr 2018

Weekend Getaway. Astravas Manor

When days are getting warmer and nature is finally waking up from its long slumber, it's the perfect time for short trips! This weekend I decided that it's about time that I revisited one of the places that I remember from my childhood - Astravas Manor in Biržai.

8 Apr 2018

Vilnius Whisky Festival

One of my (many) interests is... whisky. I have been interested in this particular drink since my trip to Scotland (naturally) in 2014, and while trying to get to know this intricate liquor better, I discovered Vilnius Whisky Festival, the biggest event for whisky lovers in the Baltic counties.

23 Mar 2018

Sigita Petrunina | Ten kur namai. Gyvenk kaip patinka

Pavasariniam tvarkymosi įkarščiui pamažu užvaldant mano mintis, įkvėpimo naujoms idėjoms ieškau tiek Pinterest'e, tiek savo mėgstamiausiame Country Living žurnale, tiek ir knygose apie interjerą. Viena iš jų - neseniai pasirodžiusi tinklaraštininkės Sigitos Petruninos (Ten kur namai) knyga Gyvenk kaip patinka. Kadangi knygos pavadinimas skamba kaip gyvenimo motto, susidomėjau - kaip tai galima atspindėti interjere? Tad ketvirtadienio rytą paskyriau tam išsiaiškinti.

17 Mar 2018

March: Week 3 Favorite(s)

 Spring is coming (although, technically it is spring already, but you know what I mean), so I decided to try some new products that would help me to hide my winter-outworn skin. Vitamin D aside, I thought about getting myself something that would help me look instantly refreshed. With this thought in mind I went to "The Body Shop", to see what they have to offer.

8 Mar 2018

The Tulip Fever

When all of a sudden you start seeing tiny pop-up stalls with tulips on each corner of the city, it can mean only one thing - International Women's Day is coming. Although on this day we are supposed to commemorate the movement for women's rights, it basically turned out to be the day when you just get a flower (preferably, a tulip) for being a woman. Even though the gesture itself is nice and flattering (I do love getting flowers as a gift!), but I think that we miss the whole point of this particular occasion. That's why today I want to talk about my personal role models, women, who inspire me to be myself and to pursue my goals.

26 Feb 2018

Vilnius Book Fair 2018: Tired and Happy

Love it or hate it, but Vilnius Book Fair is definitely one of the most important events here in Lithuania. Four days of events, meetings with writers, illustrators, and publishers, and, most of all, tons and tons of books! For the second year in a row I stood on the opposite side of a counter and exchanged my studies and work for this incredible experience! 

23 Feb 2018

February: Week 4 Favorite

Vilniaus knygų mugė startavo vakar, o aš vis dar negaliu atsigauti, koks neįtikėtinai nuostabus yra šių metų LLTI paskelbtas kūrybiškiausių knygų 12-ukas! 

18 Feb 2018


100 years ago on February 16th Lithuania restored its independence, so this whole weekend was dedicated to this very special occasion! Since not everyday you get to mark a centenary, it has to be special, something to remember when the years go by. So me and my friends went on a trip, visiting places that played a role in (or after) this important event. 

9 Feb 2018

February: Week 2 Favorite

This week's highlight, without a doubt, is the show by "alt-J", a British band who finished their "Relaxer" tour here, in Vilnius. 

3 Feb 2018

Rome's Diary: Trajan's Market and Forum (Day 1)

Visiting Italy or Rome, to be more precise, was an old dream of mine. One morning, when Vilnius was covered in snow and preparing for a week of low temperatures, me and my husband stepped off the plane in Fiumicino Airport, prepared to enjoy our stay in Italy as much as possible. 

2 Feb 2018

February: Week 1 Favorite

It's sad, but true that Lithuanian cultural press (and culture in general) is marginalized and if we could imagine our country as a family, then cultural press would have a role of a step-daughter. 

22 Jan 2018

Rome Teaser

Going to Rome was pretty old dream of mine and just last week it got fulfilled! I am still not quite waken up from this wonderful trip, so bear with me while I am editing all those photos taken in this magnificent city!

13 Jan 2018

My Blog Turns 2!

Two years ago, on this very same day, I decided to launch "Things I Like" blog. Let's celebrate this special occasion together!